Steve Baucom


Happy Buyer

"I worked with Steve to find my first home. Although I had a limited budget and many people told me that I wouldn't be able to find anything habitable for that price, Steve researched and presented me with several options and gave me the pros and cons on each so that I could make an informed decision. He also provided guidance on getting inspections and guarantees written into the offer. That advice alone saved me thousands of dollars when the inspection turned up a leaking in-ground oil tank that had to be decommissioned and replaced with an above-ground model. Thanks to Steve's earlier recommendations, the seller paid the costs. One of the best things about working with Steve, besides his positive, results-oriented style, was that he approached the interaction like a friendly advisor with my best interests and a long-term partnership in mind, not just a quick buck. He was also generous with his availability and knowledge, treating me like a valued (and high-value) customer, even though I was just getting a small starter home. And rather than treating me like a na´ve newbie (which I was!), he treated me like an intelligent client who just lacked experience in home purchases. It was great to have a trusted partner in the process. Since then, I moved out of Oregon and have worked with other realtors and now realize how fortunate I was to find Steve for my first home purchase. He set the bar high and so far, no one has provided a similar combination of real estate expertise and excellent customer service." Hope all's well with you and your lovely family! Natasha Jones